Welcome Adventurers! Please come in! I have the perfect job for you!

Random Quest is a 5th Edition D&D game in which everything is completely left to chance! Players will roll their characters by using a premade chart based of die rolls. Characters can range from incredibly weak or extremely powerful depending on the whims of the Fates! Will you be a strong brutish wizard? A clumsy monk? An eloquent barbarian?

Every session is set in the city of Hearthwood, a large city with many problems. The town captain enlists the aid of the Guild of Unfortunate Heroes. This guild of heroes is the only hope for a city plagued with problems!

The Guild is run by Archibold Moore, a nervous wizard who just wanted to run a profitable business.

Can our group of expendable warriors gain fame, glory and gold? Or will they fall to the whims of chaos?

Let’s find out!

Guild of Unfortunate Heroes

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